FCC License Renewals








Brandon Communications, located in West Central Minnesota, can help you painlessly renew your radio license at a substantial savings. We have been providing our customers with complete communications solutions for over 40 years and would like to offer our services to you. Why pay the $85 processing fee other companies charge when Brandon Communications can provide the same services for less?

You cannot legally operate a radio system without a radio license. So, in order to avoid added expense, time and additional paperwork, the license must be renewed before the expiration date (see notes below).

  • If filed late, but within 30 days of expiration, the renewal process will incur an additional $150.00 fee for filing a waiver request.
  • Renewals submitted after the 30 day period will require a complete new application and risk the chance of a substantial fine if the FCC determines that the radios were in use during the expired time period.


If you still operate a radio system and would like us to help you renew your license, please call Brandon Communications at (320) 524-2283 or (800) 223-1676 to get started on your FCC license renewal today!