GPS-Based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems


Automatic Vehicle Location or AVL is a means for determining the geographic location of a vehicle and transmitting this information to a point where that data can be used.  Automatic vehicle location is a powerful tool for managing fleets of vehicles - from service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and construction equipment, to public transport vehicles (buses and trains).  Considering the costs of fuel, labor, and insurance, maintaining control of your mobile fleet is vital.  Our cost-effective AVL/GPS location and fleet management solutions quickly and effectively help locate, manage, and coordinate mobile workers, vehicles, equipment, and resources in real-time, utilizing the latest advances in GPS, wireless technologies and the Internet.  AVL Tracking can be integrated with two-way radio and mobile messaging systems.



Automatic Vehicle Location and Global Positioning System

·         One of the most efficient means for tracking vehicles that is available

·         Real-Time tracking

·         Can be custom-designed to meet user needs

AVL/GPS Applications

·         Utilities

·         Construction

·         School Systems

·         Transportation

·         Public Transit

·         Shuttle Systems

·         Public Safety

·         Fleet Management


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