Membership Information 

As a cooperative, Gardonville provides some unusual benefits to members. Did you know that Gardonville members receive capital credits? Capital credits are the difference between your cooperative's operating costs and revenues. Capital credits are allocated to all members based on their patronage with Gardonville and are derived from members doing business with Gardonville, such as subscribing to Gardonville Long Distance service, leased or purchased equipment, installation and labor charges, calling features, and dial-up and DSL Internet along with Gardonville phone service.

The Gardonville board of directors determines the schedule for returning capital credits to members, then every year calculates the amount of capital credits the company will allocate. Checks are mailed with statements listing the current year’s allocation.

Gardonville maintains an individual capital credit record for each member. Allocations belong to members even if they no longer receive telephone service from Gardonville. If you’re a member, keep Gardonville informed of your current address so you’ll receive your capital credits check each year. It’s your money!